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"Dedicated to finding you low-cost, high-quality solar power solutions in Las Vegas."

This solar project is assisted by VeCaAd advertising services for its marketing, so that we can help Las Vegas residents without having to bother them by knocking on their doors.

Why Go Solar?

Solar Savings Graph Offset 100% of Your Power Usage Bill
Our solar can eliminate your power usage bill and can cost less than what you pay...

Own & Fixed Rate vs Rent & Inflation
Paying an electrical company for power is basically renting...

Once Paid Off, You Get Free Power!
Since you own the solar panels, once you finish paying them off...

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to deduct 30% of the cost...

NV Energy Incentive Pays Up-Front
The NV Energy incentive pays up-front $0.245/watt for going solar...

Solar Increases Your Home's Value
Since solar eliminates your power usage bill, and you apply that money...

Solar Produces 100% Clean Energy
Solar is better for our environment and better for our future...

No Upfront Costs
No upfront costs to get installed, and get up to 6 months of your solar loan covered...

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